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Minestrone with basil and spinach pesto sauce

Minestrone can be made with any vegetables on hand, depending on the season. This winter version of Italian soup has almost all the vegetables you can find in the supermarket. Plus pesto and pine nuts. An excellent soup for those fasting, dieting, or following a healthy diet.

Minestrone with basil and spinach pesto sauce
  • broccoli - 60 g
  • green beans - 60 g
  • green peas (fresh frozen) - 40 g
  • zucchini - 60 g
  • cherry tomatoes - 100 g
  • basil (leaves) - a few leaves
  • vegetable broth for minestrone - 1300 ml
  • basil and spinach pesto - 80 ml
  • carrots - 150 g
  • leeks (green part) - 80 g
  • zucchini - 90 g
  • white cabbage (cabbage stump) - 80 g
  • broccoli - 65 g
  • celery root - 60 g
  • bell pepper - 45 g
  • parsley (with stems) - 15 g
  • water - 3.3 liters
  • salt to taste
  • olive oil - 85 ml
  • pine nuts - 125 g
  • basil - 50 g
  • garlic - 3 small cloves
  • spinach - 50 g


Step 1
Prepare vegetable broth for the minestrone. Cut the carrots into small slices, the leek into 4 pieces and divide into scales, the zucchini into thick circles, the celery root into bars. Pour water into a large saucepan, put on high heat, add all the vegetables for the broth, bring to a boil with the lid open. Then simmer over medium heat with a quiet boil without a lid, periodically skimming off the foam, for 20 minutes. Infuse ready-made broth for 30 minutes and strain through a waffle towel.
Step 2
Prepare the pesto sauce. Chop the garlic very finely. Grind pine nuts and herbs with a pestle and mortar. Mix all ingredients with olive oil until smooth.
Step 3
Divide the broccoli into inflorescences. Cut the beans across into 0.6 cm bars. Cut the zucchini into 0.5 x 0.5 cm cubes and cut the cherry into quarters.
Step 4
Bring the vegetable broth to a boil, put broccoli in it and cook until half cooked. Then add green beans, green peas, zucchini and cook until vegetables are tender. 1 minute before the end of cooking, finish off the cherry, salt.
Step 5
Pour the finished soup into a plate. Tear the basil leaves with your hands and add to the soup. Serve pesto sauce with the soup.
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