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Croissants for breakfast with cheese

Not a single breakfast is complete without cheese. Neither family, nor couples, nor singles. My sister has a cat who will sell his soul for cheese :) And if the cat is "For", who are we to exclude cheese from the menu. When the fantasy is over, I propose to arrange breakfast in croissants, add cheese and reheat. Very nice and delicious!

Croissants for breakfast with cheese
  • croissant 2 pcs.
  • butter 20 g
  • Processed cheese Hochland Assorted 4 pcs.
  • lettuce 6-8 pcs.
  • ham 6 pcs.


Step 1
Carefully cut croissants lengthwise to form a pocket inside
Step 2
Brush the inside of the croissant with soft butter
Step 3
Lay out the inside of the croissants with a lettuce leaf (lettuce, basil, watercress, iceberg, arugula, and in general any lettuce of your choice will do). Top - 2 plates of Hochland processed cheese from the Assorted collection.
Step 4
Put slices of ham on top of the cheese (again, you can replace it with bacon or salami - to your taste). Close up croissant.


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