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Squirrel Tincture Squirrel Tincture

Have you already had a "Squirrel"? No? And in vain! This tincture is prepared on horseradish with th...

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Horseradish Ginger Tincture Horseradish Ginger Tincture

Ginger and honey are a classic couple that often solo not only in drinks, but also in sauces. To pre...

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Classic crap Classic crap

One of the most popular recipes for horseradish infusion is horseradish on honey with lemon juice, w...

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Figs in honey Figs in honey
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Honey-orange plum with yogurt Honey-orange plum with yogurt

If you want to cook something sweet and original for dessert, then we have such a recipe - honey-ora...

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Creamy Jelly with Spicy Strawberries Creamy Jelly with Spicy Strawberries

Fresh strawberries are delicious with cream. Or you can make creamy jelly with strawberry jelly from...

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Halva with honey and nuts Halva with honey and nuts

Halva in the Caucasus is not made from seeds or nuts, but from the simplest products - flour, butter...

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Buns with dried fruits Buns with dried fruits

Of all types of sweets for a picnic, it is most convenient to take baked goods with you. Regardless ...

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Antiage cocktail Antiage cocktail

Vitamins B and A, which raw beets are rich in, are called youth vitamins. Beetroot cleanses the body...

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